Open-Spec Service

Custom pricing, service and turnaround structures are available for certain customers.

Commercial contracts and scale business.

Examples: local hardware store, property management company, painting/remodeling crew.

For scale customers I want to be able to provide the turnaround time and pricing rates you need to provide your customers with a solid window repair option. We can come up with the right mix of good, fast, and cheap to fit your business.

You will agree to make Prokop Sash Works your first stop in outsourcing your repairs, and in return you will get priority timing in my shop for the agreed-upon service level at a consistent price.

Special cases for individual homeowners in need.

Examples: low-income individuals, emergencies, inspection deadlines.

I don’t want anyone to be priced out of the repair market – deferred maintenance can be a killer. If you don’t think you can afford a full service workup, there are many in-between options that may work in your case. I can work with you to set a budget and come up with a plan to address the most necessary repairs and avoid the cost of waiting.

To begin, send an email to me, with photos, and mention that you have a budget cap.