Generations of Repair

Photo of Gerald in his shop

My dad put me to work at the age of 12, painting apartments in the rental properties he owned. Eventually, my brothers taught me how to replace sash cords – as well as drywall and carpentry work. I spent many hot summers getting to know those historic buildings, and repair always came first. When I started entertaining the idea of my own enterprise, there was one part of my lifelong experience that stuck out to me as enjoyable and socially useful: the windows.

Photo of Gerald's Yuba cargo bike loaded with tools

I scrapped my car in 2011 and decided not to buy another one. Instead I fixed up my bike. I learned how to work on bikes and I bought more. After learning about touring and utility cycling, I started taking window jobs on my mountain bike.

The next year I went all in and Prokop Sash Works officially launched with a shiny new Yuba cargo bike taking me and my tools (and many windows) around town. As my operation grew, I added a Bafang assist motor and an Hourcar membership to my business model, greatly streamlining the pickup and delivery process.

Photo of Gerald's vintage Red Devil point gun

I believe in complete neighborhoods, authentic mobility and social values. The preservation of vintage windows is the best way I can think of to carry my inherited experience into a niche service that is considerate of such values. I’ve transitioned away from the family business in the process of growing my own, but if you look in my shop, you’ll see my dad’s old Red Devil glass cutter, and his dad’s old Red Devil point gun, still being put to good use.

When I’m not working on windows, I’m busy making music, building my own audio devices and instruments, or touring Minnesota’s parks on my hand-refurbished 1983 Trek 850.