A Unique Local Service

bicycle wheel reflected in a window with cast-iron weights behind it

The Twin Cities' Only Bicycle-Powered Vintage Window Specialist

I am an independent sole-proprietor working on pre-war wooden sash windows. I've been working on old buildings my whole life, and I can perform all levels of repair and maintenance on these windows to keep them working and looking good for decades to come. In some cases, I will also work on mid-century sashes such as those with tape, spiral or friction balances.

  • 10 years in business!

  • Inherited experience

  • Affordable, Sustainable, Authentic

  • Community-based transport model

Really? A bicycle?

My core mode of business transport is my E-assist Yuba cargo bike. Like many area businesses, including breweries and coffee roasters, it was exciting and inspiring for me to learn about how new forms of cycling were bringing about new business models. Cycling, for me, is low-hassle and enjoyable. I can perform my own repairs and maintain a lower overhead. I also believe that sustainable transport and historic preservation go hand-in-hand.

For quick trips and large loads, I use a neighborhood Hourcar. With this hybrid transport model, I am able to get things done just as quickly as anyone with a truck.

Get a free estimate

Some estimates can be done over the phone or with a couple of pics. I’m also happy to look the job over on-site at no obligation to you. Either way, if we go forward, I will always do a more thorough writeup once on-site, so we agree what is getting done and what is not.

Good to Know:

  • I usually take 50% of the estimate as a down payment, and the rest upon completion. I am open to breaking up large jobs into smaller parts in order to break up the payments.

  • Sashes that need glazing usually leave the property and come into my shop to get worked on. This includes broken glass.

  • Newly glazed sashes come back as clean as they’ll ever be, but the putty takes forever to fully harden. It is best to schedule window washing before repairs.

  • Discounts are applied when glazing and sash cords are done together. There is also a discounted rate on deliverable sashes, ie. those that can be removed and brought into the shop by the customer.

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Service Area

I’m based in the Seward neighborhood in South Minneapolis and service most of the inner Twin Cities. I may be willing to travel a little further depending on my workload, so get in touch.